sabato 12 dicembre 2015

...Christmas Time...

...soaking in the decoration mode...


martedì 25 agosto 2015

$5 garage sale find

It makes me smile every morning!!

I rescued my shelf in really bad condition.

I cleaned it up, sanded the dark old paint, brushed and re-painted it with my favorite color ever: ivory. 
It is Sherwin Williams Navajo white.

Then I distressed it.

It's the best place to display my old collection of coffee grinders and knick knacks!
The bed-side lamp was my mother's. She grew up with it.

And last but not least here again my old, old italian aluminum tins!
The kitchen scale comes from an old kitchen in Chicago!

domenica 23 agosto 2015


Simple food.

Veggies, tofu, flour tortillas.

 I prepare flour tortillas everyday, easy and fast recipe.

New cute embroidered napkins on my table.

 ...and my adorable kitchen cupboard behind the table.

Natural, healthy, vegan food is perfect when is hot outside.
And here in Texas it's still so hot!

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

My cafe curtains kitchen!

I still had at least two yards of my favorite red checkered fabric and few scraps.
All of them are leftover from my previously project.

I wanted my curtains matched with my kitchen cupboard curtains, so this is the right way using my scraps!

I am pretty happy how my breakfast area is turning out, but...I am looking for something more...impressive...
I cannot wait to see how my new idea will fit in my project!

domenica 16 agosto 2015

My very old kitchen console.

From an old, sad, bookcase... to a cheerful kitchen console!

 My great grandmother ordered a simple bookcase to the local carpenter in Italy, years and years ago.

 It was sitting sadly in the basement of her italian house the last years before I discovered it.
It was dark brown, ready to go in the fireplace as firewood.
It was love at the first sight!!

It came in Texas with me and I immediately painted it in the same hue of the wall. And distressed it, I like to see the worn corners!!
Sorry, I don't have a picture of the "before"!
...but it is still sad to me...

 I learnt that is a perfect match to paint furniture in the same color of the walls. I do it everytime. It's perfect.
Then I use the color for the accessories.
And this is what I did here.

 Using my beloved embroidery machine I embroidered two nice designs and then I sewed different cute fabrics around.

And this is how the bookcase looks like now.
I am very proud of me, this is one of the best project I did.
I love it.
....but I am thinking of something else...I need to do a change around here...stay tuned.