domenica 16 agosto 2015

My very old kitchen console.

From an old, sad, bookcase... to a cheerful kitchen console!

 My great grandmother ordered a simple bookcase to the local carpenter in Italy, years and years ago.

 It was sitting sadly in the basement of her italian house the last years before I discovered it.
It was dark brown, ready to go in the fireplace as firewood.
It was love at the first sight!!

It came in Texas with me and I immediately painted it in the same hue of the wall. And distressed it, I like to see the worn corners!!
Sorry, I don't have a picture of the "before"!
...but it is still sad to me...

 I learnt that is a perfect match to paint furniture in the same color of the walls. I do it everytime. It's perfect.
Then I use the color for the accessories.
And this is what I did here.

 Using my beloved embroidery machine I embroidered two nice designs and then I sewed different cute fabrics around.

And this is how the bookcase looks like now.
I am very proud of me, this is one of the best project I did.
I love it.
....but I am thinking of something else...I need to do a change around here...stay tuned.

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