giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Kitchen aluminium containers...I love them!

 I unpacked a big part of all my Italian, vintage, aluminium, family containers, coffee maker, milk jug, teapot, kitchen tool...
I LOVE them, all of them! Some belonged to my grandparents, some to my husband's grandparents.

I like to display them in my kitchen and breakfast area.
The coffee grinders are my favorites. Some of them are really old.
Some are re-painted from my family, some are natural, some are more recent find.

The bedside lamp was my mom's when she was a little girl. It's very sweet to me.
And last but not least: my wonderful kitchen scale!!
I fortunately found it in a gigantic Chicago antique store during our trip last year.
I was looking for one of this for very long, and I found it far away from home.
She was in need of a strong cleaning, but I like her old, rusty patina.
Love it!!

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